Markets Take Time to be Efficient

Martin Pretty
Martin Pretty Equitable Investors

Markets are supposed to price in new information efficiently. But for the investor who has done their homework in advance, time is on their side. Stock prices can react gradually rather than instantly to new information. Information can sit in the public domain but not be widely known and understood. Show More

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Alex Cowie

Very interesting wire, thanks Martin. It's good to see the latency in response to earning changes so clearly demonstrated.

Tech this week: Apple’s iPhone hangover, Tesla dumping Nvidia for AMD, Google’s hardware play and Netflix’s $1bn fight with a drug lord

Lachlan MacGregor
Lachlan MacGregor Alphinity Investment Management

This week we saw Apple’s share price suffer a hangover from the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Tesla surprised the market with the rumour that it is partnering with AMD for an autonomous driving chip, knocking Nvidia’s shares. Google bought HTC’s Pixel hardware team. And amusing (and... Show More

Wilson Asset Management weekly: Insights from the CLSA conference in HK, Seven Group Holdings and CBA

Chris Stott
Chris Stott Wilson Asset Management

The S&P/ASX All Ordinaries Accumulation Index closed down 0.2% for the week. Minutes from the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) meeting released on Tuesday suggested that reduced demand for steel production in China would indicate downside risks to the current iron ore price. We note that the Australian market is... Show More

Finding growth in private markets

Livewire Exclusive

Investors have traditionally turned to the share market for growth, but with the ASX 200 still sitting well below its pre-GFC highs, alternative investments are becoming increasingly popular. From less than 5% of the industry in ’97, alternative assets now account for nearly 20% of funds under management. Show More

What Are The Odds For Next Bear Market?

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

"Bear markets are inevitable: the question is not if, but rather when, the next one will occur. The problem is that, while bear markets are very obvious with the benefit of hindsight, they are very difficult to identify in real time." Show More

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Michael Howson

I cannot argue with the logic but I wonder if logic is useful with free market conditions so distorted.. We are in the lap of the gods ,central bankers and politicians decisions. Th [...]

Can we rely on Reliance?

Robert Frost
Robert Frost OC Funds Management

Following share price weakness ahead of its full-year result, we added Reliance Worldwide Corporation to our portfolio. Reliance is a global plumbing supplies business specialising in reliable and premium branded water flow and control products including the market-leading 'SharkBite' push-to-connect fittings. Show More

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Trevor Stewart

Mr Munz selling down is hardly an endorsement

Gold on the Ropes as Markets Hit All Time Highs

Jordan Eliseo
Jordan Eliseo ABC Bullion

Precious metal prices have been in full retreat the past few weeks, with the price of gold declining toward USD $1300oz. This pullback has had a number of drivers including an easing of the ‘safe haven’ bid as markets fade the rhetoric to do with Korea, the USD catching a... Show More

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Patrick Fresne

One long term concern I have about gold relates to Africa: for several decades South Africa produced most of the world's gold supply, and I wonder if a number of other African countries [...]

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Jordan Eliseo

hi Patrick - thanks for the comment. There is no doubt the potential for countries in Africa (and other parts of the world for that matter) to increase their gold production. I wouldn't [...]

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Patrick Fresne

Thanks Jordan, it is an interesting read. As you note in that article, gold has been recognised as a store of value across the world for over three millennia, but it is worth considering [...]

Executive Series: Washington H. Soul Pattinson (SOL) Chairman, Rob Millner

CommSec Online Stockbroker

In this short video we discuss: SOL’s long history of increasing dividends and the factors that contributed to the group’s full year results; Factors that are feeding into the outlook for companies that comprise the SOL investment portfolio including; New Hope Group (NHC) , Brickworks (BKW) & TPG Telecom (TPM) Show More

The dirty secrets fund managers don’t want you to know!

Lachlan Hughes
Lachlan Hughes Swell Asset Management

I hope to enlighten potential investors about the tricks used by fund managers to ‘window dress’ their performance. Some of these tricks can be backed out and where possible I have provided the math below. Show More

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Zina De Marchi

Cant thank you enough for this great article an eye opener

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Shernavaz Cooper

Thanks for opening our eyes about the Fund Managers that use unethical ways to get higher incomes for themselves. If they continue to use this practice they should be named and shamed.

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david itzkowic

a list of managers and their fee structure would be greatly appreciated !

The most crowded trades on the ASX

Livewire Exclusive

A crowded trade appears when so many investors are positioned similarly that liquidity becomes a problem. Bitcoin is the obvious choice globally, but we wondered where the most crowded trades were on the ASX. To find out, we put the question to Greencape Capital, NAOS, and Market Matters. Show More

Blue Sky targets $5b AUM by 2019

Robert Frost
Robert Frost OC Funds Management

Blue Sky Alternative Investments reported a strong FY17 result at the top end of the guidance range after profitably exiting several private equity investments, adding to its credibility, particularly in the private equity space. Show More

Would You Lend to Tajikistan?

Jonathan Rochford
Jonathan Rochford Narrow Road Capital

The issue of bonds by Tajikistan this month follows on from recent low quality bond issues from Argentina, Greece and Iraq. Emerging market debt investors piled into the offering allowing the nation to issue US$500 million of ten year bonds at 7.125%. Investors who bought in cited the yield on... Show More

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Patrick Poke

A great read Jonathan, thanks for sharing. I'm always fascinated to read the unusual topics you write about.

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ali sher

Very realistically and informative article. The think is that only small critical parts are proposed. If look into the Tajikistan potential then the given view might change to opposite [...]

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Jordan Eliseo

Excellent piece Jonathan.......